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Welcome to Moorings, the Jesuit High School literary and arts journal! This publication serves as a platform for our student artists and writers to share their creative works. The name “Moorings” was chosen to evoke in our readers a spirit of quiet reflection and calmness in the face of a bustling world, not unlike the respite a sailor would receive from the biting wind and roiling waves at…well, his ship’s moorings. That said, our title pays similar homage to the important role such ports would play in spreading culture, color, and ideas among the bustling crowds that would frequent them. It is our desire that you find this journal similarly engaging, and hopefully with less rats than our namesake.

Latest Edition

Volume 3, Part 2, Spring 2019 Issue (Moorings vol 3-2 Spring 2019)


Volume 3 Part 1, Fall 2018 Issue (Moorings, vol 3-1 Fall 2018)
Volume 2, Spring 2018 Issue (Moorings, vol 2 Spring 2018)
Volume 1, Spring 2017 Issue (Moorings, vol 1 Spring 2017)

Moorings Editorial Staff

Eric “James” Johannessen ’20, Editor-in-Chief
Dean Babb ’20
Nathan Bingham ’20
Will Dominguez ’20
Evan Bird ’21
Santiago Chang ’21
Alex Chen ’21
Peter Wisner ’21
Alfred Yu ’21