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Welcome to Moorings, Jesuit High School’s literary and arts journal! This publication serves as a platform for our student artists and writers to share their creative works.

Latest Edition

Volume 4, No. 2, Spring Issue (Moorings, vol 4-2 Spring 2020)


Volume 4, No. 1, Fall Issue (Moorings, vol 4-1 Fall 2019)
Volume 3, Part 2, Spring 2019 Issue (Moorings vol 3-2 Spring 2019)
Volume 3 Part 1, Fall 2018 Issue (Moorings, vol 3-1 Fall 2018)
Volume 2, Spring 2018 Issue (Moorings, vol 2 Spring 2018)
Volume 1, Spring 2017 Issue (Moorings, vol 1 Spring 2017)

Moorings Editorial Staff

James Eric Johannessen ’20, Editor-in-Chief
Dean Babb ’20
Evan Bird ’21
Santiago Chang ’21
Alex Chen ’21
William Dominguez ’20
Peter Wisner ’21
Alfred Yu ’21

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Moorings Submissions

Moorings, Jesuit’s very own literary and arts journal is actively seeking submissions for their digital Spring Edition. All student submissions are welcomed. Students who have poetry, art, or prose related to the pandemic and/or quarantine can submit creations to

The editors of Moorings share a special message to the student body: