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Goals & Philosophy

Physical Education at Jesuit High School requires that freshmen take one semester and sophomores take one semester. Phys. Ed. is an elective for Juniors and Seniors. In accordance with the policy of the school, the Physical Ed. Dept. endeavors to contribute to the development, maturation, and fulfillment of its students, as characterized in the Profile of the Graduate at Graduation.

The Physical Ed. Dept. uses movement as a means of expression and learning. Phys. Ed. is movement based and it is the intent of the department to provide a learning experience while allowing the student to grow physically.


1. Freshmen students will actively participate in a minimum of six activities during the course of one semester. Sophomores will actively participate in a minimum of six activities during the course of one semester. Activities taught in the freshman year generally are not repeated in the sophomore year, with a few exceptions.

2. Students will develop leadership skills and responsibilities by:

A. Leading the class in stretching / warm-up twice during the course of one semester.

B. Leading the class in a prayer / meditation twice during the course of one semester.

C. Presenting an oral report / written report to the class twice during the course of one semester. ( topic in the field of behavioral health).

D. Students will be able to explain game rules and strategies of an assigned activity to the class.

E. Students will take responsibility for game equipment when they are are class leaders.

3. Students will participate daily in :

A. Five to ten minutes of dynamic warm-up.

B. Strength and core exercises once per week in the weight room.

C. Cardiovascular conditioning prior to engaging in the day’s activity.

4. Students will demonstrate socially acceptable interaction with peers in a activity situation by doing the following:

A. Helping and encouraging classmates.

B. Accepting losing in a competitive game situation.

C. Being a gracious winner.

D. Exhibiting team work.

E. Responding in a positive manner to the instructors directions / corrections.

5. One day a week is reserved for instruction in the field of Behavioral Health during the freshmen year. Students will receive instruction in the following areas:

A. The Human Body

B. Puberty

C. Diet and Nutrition

D. Exercise

E. Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health

F. Risky Behaviors

G. First Aid

6. Students will demonstrate respect for school, instructor, peers, and self by:

A. Locking their lock / locker daily.

B. Using all facilities as they were / are intended.

C. Practicing good hygiene by taking a shower after class, towels to be provided by the school.