Theology Department


Theology Department

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Theology 1: Introduction to Catholic Christianity Theology 2A:
God and The Hebrew Scriptures

Theology 2B: Christian Testament
Theology 3A: Christian Morality

Theology 3B: Social Justice
Theology 4: Ignatian Prayer and Sacraments

Prayer and Sacraments plus one senior Theology Elective

World Religions


Liturgy Workshop

Goals & Philosophy

In keeping with the goals of Jesuit High School, the Theology Department supports the development of the total person for each student: intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual.  As a Jesuit and Catholic institution and a department formed in Ignatian spirituality and pedagogy, our mission is to inform and form young men of faith, a faith founded on our belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Along with two other major programs, Campus Ministry and Service & Justice, the Theology Department has a special role in and focus on the spiritual formation of our young men.  While they provide meaningful and challenging experiences of prayer, reflection and service, Theology classes provide a framework and vocabulary to help the student analyze and critique his personal experience in light of the tradition of faith. 

The overarching goal of the Theology Department then is to form students who, through the study of theology, come to know more deeply God’s love, hear more clearly Christ’s call to be men for others and respond more generously and fully in a life of discipleship.