Science Department


Science Department

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Biology XL
AP Biology

Chem in the Community


AP Chemistry

Intro to Robotics Engineering


Anatomy and Physiology


AP Chemistry


AP Physics 1


AP Physics 1  

AP Physics 2   

Environmental Science

AP Environmental Science

Scope & Sequence

The science department offers various courses depending on a student’s ability level. The XL and AP courses are aimed at students who benefit from courses that go at a faster pace and cover more material than the regular courses. 

Goals & Philosophy

The Jesuit High School science department believes that to become informed citizens and leaders in the world everyone should have a basic understanding of science. The world is increasingly dependent on scientific knowledge and technology which makes an education in science essential. The science department hopes that all of our students will gain a better understanding of current events, new technology, and healthy decision making through our science curriculum.

The science department believes the best way to learn science is by doing science. Our courses emphasize hands on engaging activities. Our students learn scientific practices, engineering design, and inquiry in a curriculum aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. We strive to make our students more inquisitive and proficient in the scientific method. We want our students to learn to think critically and to solve problems collaboratively. We hope our students develop skills that will be used whether or not they pursue higher education or careers in science.