World Languages Department


World Languages Department

Please note

Jesuit High School’s Latin program will begin phasing out during the 2022-2023 school year. Both continuing enrollments from returning families and new interest from incoming families have been declining steadily for a number of years, and the program has reached a point where we can no longer continue to offer the program to incoming students.

We are exploring our options to build a new program in the World Language department with another modern language in the years to come. In the meantime, our excellent Spanish and French programs offer wonderful opportunities for students to work toward proficiency in a language as well as expand their knowledge of Spanish or French-speaking cultures.

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
French 1
Spanish 1
Spanish 1XL
Latin 2
French 2
Spanish 2
Spanish 2XL
Spanish 2A
Latin 3H
French 3
French 3H
Spanish 3
Spanish 3H Spanish 2B
Latin 4AP
French 4AP Spanish 4
Spanish 4AP

Goals & Philosophy

The philosophy of the World Languages Department at Jesuit High School reflects the general philosophy of our school. The Department has as its goal the development of “men for others” through a creative and vigorous world languages program that seeks to develop a better understanding of different languages, cultural backgrounds, and diverse value systems. It transposes the student into a global setting, thereby allowing the student to acquire a multi-cultural appreciation, communicate in another language, and develop intellectually.

The World Languages program emphasizes the development of the four basic language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. In the classical language division, the Department provides the student with the opportunity to recognize ancient cultural traditions and to discover vehicles of expression, in addition to a careful analysis of the Latin linguistic influence on the English language.

Through the student’s study of world languages, we seek to broaden his experience, enabling him to develop a global perspective. This linguistic and cultural development supports the progress toward becoming a man for others.