Athletic Forms and Handbooks


Athletic Forms & Handbook

As we update our policies, we want to ensure that we have all of the proper paperwork on file in accordance with CIF rules and regulations. There are two new forms that will require student and parent signatures. When the new forms become available, you will be notified via email by Final Forms. At that time, please log into your account to sign and submit the new forms. Please note: when new forms become available in the Final Forms system, it will temporarily return your account status to ‘incomplete.’ As soon as you sign and submit the new form(s) through the system, your registration will once again return to 100% complete.


Pre-participation Physical Form
School Phone - 916-480-2123, Athletics Fax - 916-418-2620

Pre-Participation Physical Form

This form is also available in Final Forms (recommended as Final Forms will pre-populate some of your information) to download. Please print out or upload it to your medical provider to be completed by your doctor. Your completed form must be uploaded to your Final Forms and all sections (health history, etc) completed before you are cleared for Athletics or school.