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The Cutlass Yearbook

Yearbook angled to see pages, cover features a cassette tape image

The Cutlass—named for a Marauder’s sword—is Jesuit High School’s yearbook, published annually and distributed free to all students and staff. Now in its 60th volume, the Cutlass has grown into a top-notch digitally-designed publication, using the most cutting-edge graphic design software from Adobe and Jostens. Students work with real-world deadlines, follow to-do lists, email students and staff, and go to school events to photograph them. Working during 3 classes a week, as well as at home and on campus over the weekend, the Cutlass staff is always able to make the book an amazing addition to the archive. Receiving the award-winning Cutlass is something that all Jesuit students and staff look forward to each year. 

Good to know!

  • Every student gets a book—no need to order one!
  • 200 full-color pages
  • Through the early 2000s, the book was still largely black-and-white
  • Traditionally, our book has ranged from 192 to over 200 pages
  • Printed in Clarksville, TN, by Jostens
  • Designed by Period 3 Cutlass staffers

Cutlass Staff
2023- 2024

The Cutlass Yearbook is led by a class of students who go through an application process the previous semester.  Our team is devoted to making a voice and keeping memories of students’ times at JHS longstanding.


Mr. Chris Chandley ’93


Jack Orcutt ’25 - Editor-in-Chief/Managing Editor

Adrian Alvarez ’24 - Senior Artistic Editor; Divider Spread Editor

Ryan Prince ’24 – Portraits Editor

James Andrew ’24 – Assistant Athletic Editor

Jacob Bradshaw ’26 – Photography