Stadium Lighting


Stadium Lighting
The Need to Protect Players and Spectators with State-of-the-Art Lights

Check back frequently for updates on this project.

Jesuit High School is currently in the process of developing the stadium improvement project which focuses on state-of-the-art no trespass and Dark-Sky Certified lighting. A project of this size requires significant exploration and research before it can be implemented. This process also includes working with local officials, the appropriate Sacramento County planning offices, and Community Advisory Councils. A final project date is still to be determined, but it is expected to be no sooner than Fall 2023.

Jesuit is committed to serving our community as we advance our mission both in the educational setting and in being a good neighbor and will make a concerted effort to keep all informed and engaged as this process continues. 


Turf Update
Loyola Field Warranty Replacement Underway

After not having use of home turf for the end of the winter soccer season and all of the spring season, we finally have some great news on the warranty replacement – work is beginning this week. AstroTurf will be on-site starting demolition of the top layer and other work over the next 4-5 weeks to complete the project, which will see a new surface and graphic field design.


Jesuit Stadium Lighting Permitting Process Begins
Dark-Sky Certified Lights to Provide Safe Environment for Players and Spectators

To protect players and spectators and make the best use of school facilities, Jesuit High School has applied to the County of Sacramento seeking approval for a Use Permit Amendment to install state-of-the-art lights in the stadium. The need for lighting has become increasingly evident due to the extreme late summer and fall heat, particularly for football, causing stadium conditions that present significant health risks for players, event participants, and spectators.

The proposed lighting technology eliminates light trespass and has been reviewed and certified by the International Dark-Sky Association to respect neighboring residents. Moreover, with an emphasis on moving our home football games to Friday nights, away from competing weekend daytime campus activities, will relieve traffic and reduce parking intrusion into the surrounding neighborhoods.