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Plank Article The Simons ‘14 & ‘15

Mass of the North American Martyrs

Giving thanks to the patron saints of our school, Jesuit celebrates the feast day of the Martyrs of North America. On this day, we are all given the chance to celebrate in a time that calls for complete courage, so that we may further spread the word of God, just as the eight famous Frenchmen had done.

Plank Article Blake Clarkson ‘15

The Newly Elected Freshmen

From Left: Brendan Jones, Peter Lucas, Daniel Rock, Alex Mar, Jack Murphy, Braeden Prymak

This year’s freshman elections have already come and gone. The freshman elected their president, Brendan Jones. They also elected Peter Lucas as the secretary/treasurer, and Alex Mar, Jack Murphy, and Daniel Rock as their three senators. I spoke to both Brendan Jones and Peter Lucas about being elected to their positions.

Plank Article Will Keys '14

Shakespeare in the Black Box

Opening Halloween night, Romeo and Juliet got a re-boot as Jesuit Drama put an entirely new spin on a timeless classic.  The folks in the Black Box Theater are taking the world’s most popular love story and turning it on its head.  The setting of William Shakespeare’s memorable work of two lovers torn apart as a result of rival families has been shaken up drastically, taking place in colonial India during the start of World War I.