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Letter from the Editor
Chandler Tapella ‘15

Colleges are calling, and the first quarter is coming to a close. I’m astounded to see how far we’ve come in so little time. It’s astonishing! As of recent, The Plank has been working closely with the administration in an effort to bring you an even better newspaper experience. If everything works out, this should be the first digital edition of the The Plank you receive! Thanks for all your help in making these strides possible. Go Big Red!

Plank Article Brien Griffin ‘14

Marauders in the Crowd

Jesuit sparks curiosity and growth in all aspects of its students’ lives. Seniors Geoff Luoma and Joe Millward took a moment to elaborate on their musical talent and growth. Both consider Jesuit a home to the start of their musical careers.

Geoff Luoma:
Q: What is the name of your band? What are the names of the other members of your band? What do they play?

Plank Article Michael Flodin ‘15

How Easy is it to Make a Club?

Clubs have always been a big part of Jesuit’s extracurricular activities, with many students participating in different types. However, the question is, “How do I start a club and how do I know what kinds of clubs will get approved?”

Junior Martin Kyalwazi has recently started a club called Own It. This club focuses on going to schools and empowering kids not to conform to their environment and to “own” themselves and who they are.

Plank Article Adam McGrew ‘15

The Plunge 2.0

After a year-long hiatus, the Plunge is back at Jesuit High School. On October 3, four juniors and two seniors, along with four faculty, arrived at Loaves and Fishes to better their understanding of homelessness through a twelve hour urban immersion in which the students were in direct contact with Sacramento’s homeless.

“After going on the Plunge, I realize that the homeless are really just human beings like us who are trying to get back on their feet. I think that we need to treat the homeless with more respect and dignity,” said junior Marco Petrucci.

Plank Archive Will Schmidt ‘16

Big Red Ribbon Week

On Wednesday, October 8th, the freshman class gathered in the Harris Center to attend a seminar held by Jon Daily, an expert in the field of addiction and mental health. Mr. Daily spoke about the catastrophic ramifications of  alcohol and drug abuse, including denial, dwindling grades, anxiety, withdrawal, and crime.

Daily emphasized the narcotic known as “Wax,” which is a mixture of marijuana and butane which gets the user three times as high as a normal joint and is extremely addictive.

Plank Article The Simons ‘14 & ‘15

Mass of the North American Martyrs

Giving thanks to the patron saints of our school, Jesuit celebrates the feast day of the Martyrs of North America. On this day, we are all given the chance to celebrate in a time that calls for complete courage, so that we may further spread the word of God, just as the eight famous Frenchmen had done.

Plank Archive Vincent McCarty ‘17

iPad Issues? No Problem!

Broken iPad? No worries, there is iPad tech support here at Jesuit High School! If your iPad isn’t loading, froze up, or won’t even function, go to the library or talk to Mr. Smith, the head of the program. There is a team of students dedicating their lunch time to help with any problems.  Mr. Smith said, “We are looking for a few other ways to help people, maybe not just through iPads but also computers.” The student tech group resides in the library during lunch, and if you can’t find any of the members, you can see Mr. Smith for help.

Plank Article Blake Clarkson ‘15

The Newly Elected Freshmen

From Left: Brendan Jones, Peter Lucas, Daniel Rock, Alex Mar, Jack Murphy, Braeden Prymak

This year’s freshman elections have already come and gone. The freshman elected their president, Brendan Jones. They also elected Peter Lucas as the secretary/treasurer, and Alex Mar, Jack Murphy, and Daniel Rock as their three senators. I spoke to both Brendan Jones and Peter Lucas about being elected to their positions.

Plank Article Will Keys '14

Shakespeare in the Black Box

Opening Halloween night, Romeo and Juliet got a re-boot as Jesuit Drama put an entirely new spin on a timeless classic.  The folks in the Black Box Theater are taking the world’s most popular love story and turning it on its head.  The setting of William Shakespeare’s memorable work of two lovers torn apart as a result of rival families has been shaken up drastically, taking place in colonial India during the start of World War I.