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Plank Article Luke Kriss ’23

Opinion: Blockbuster “Dune” reaches for the stars and misses

Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune” came out on Oct. 22, 2021, and made $40.1 million in the box office. This would not classify the movie as a hit by any means, but it’s still respectable. The book “Dune” from 1965 served as the influence for the “Dune” film, as well as “Star Wars” and “Star Trek.” I chronicled much of Dune’s rich filmography in another article. However, the focus of this piece is on only one part of Dune’s filmography, the newest quagmire in the Dune franchise, Dune 2021.

Plank Article Rowan Craig '23

Opinion: “Yakuza” series Brilliantly handles complicated themes

The “Yakuza” series is one of the oldest and most beloved creations in the gaming industry. Created by the industry titan, SEGA, in 2005, the series created its own bizarre style that continues to draw people in, and no game has been able to successfully copy it yet. With the 16 year anniversary of the series drawing closer, now feels like the right time to look back on the Yakuza franchise as a whole and to explore why it’s so beloved to such a wide range of people.

Plank Article Kevin Mun ’22

Squid Game delivers deep messages to it’s audience at Jesuit

“Squid Game,” the South Korean hit Netflix series was released Sept. 17, 2021. “Squid Game”is about a small group of wealthy elites kidnapping and coercing the poor in South Korea, who are in grave debt, to compete in life-and-death versions of popular children’s games. “Squid Game” dystopian themes  incorporate many of the contemporary real world problems that the world faces today.