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Plank Article Henry Krueger ’21

A season cut short, a career still budding

With six graduates currently in professional baseball, Jesuit High School Sacramento has a reputation for producing some of the area’s best baseball talent. That number could grow even larger this summer when Major League Baseball holds its annual First-Year Player Draft.

Plank Article Matt Parks ’21

The Role He was Born to Play

“Could you do anything else?” 

This was an important question posed to Riley Shanahan ’10 in a New York City Starbucks many summers ago when he was still a student at Jesuit High School Sacramento.

Plank Article James Fahey ’20

A Home on the Stage

The transition to Jesuit High School Sacramento for many freshmen is a crossroads for self-discovery and change. For Kevin Sheahan ’20, the Black Box Theater is the place where he found his passion and voice.

Plank Article Jaiveer Gahunia ’20

Drivers, drive-ins, and rides

Every morning and afternoon, hundreds of students and dozens of teachers and faculty flood in and out of Jesuit High School’s parking lots. For most, the lots are just a symbol of commuting drudgery, a dull back-and-forth between school and home. For others, the lots, as well as the commutes, hold their most prized possessions — their cars.

Plank Article Harley Sherman ’22

Answering the Call

Isaac Serwanga ’08 is a motivational speaker, author, educational consultant, and advocate for the personal and professional development of high school and college-age students. He has spoken throughout the country to high school, college, and corporate audiences on topics such as personal branding, networking, and motivation.