Handbooks and FAQs


Immersions FAQs
How to apply and other common questions

When does the process begin and how do I apply?

The process begins in mid-October with information sessions online and in the Welcome Center. Please see the school calendar for exact dates. We offer two informational meetings to best accommodate family schedules. One is in the evening and one takes place before school during Collaboration. If you are not interested in the immersion program, you need not attend.

The online application closes in early November. 


Student Parent Handbook
2021-2022 handbook in Final Forms

The 2021-2022 Student-Parent Handbook is now available in FinalForms and also on this website. 

Please Note: Both students and parents will need to log in to FinalForms and independently acknowledge receipt and acceptance of the contents no later than Friday, August 6th. 


Frequently Asked Questions about the Bring Your Own Device program

So, how does this work?

All students are required to have a portable computer device. Families will be able to purchase a device of their own choosing. The links below provide specification requirements and offer examples of approved devices to help families make informed decisions.  Please consider the following steps before purchasing a device for your family:


Helper Helper: Volunteer Portal – FAQs
Commonly asked questions about HelperHelper

For questions or more information, please contact volunteers@jesuithighschool.org 

What is Helper Helper?

Helper Helper is our online portal to sign up for and track your Family VIP volunteer hours for 2021-2022.  On the site, you have access to volunteer opportunities across all groups on campus, conveniently arranged on one page.   You will also be able to track your volunteer hours online- no more paper forms needed! 


School Schedule FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the new schedule, Collaboration, Community and Flex periods

About the Schedule

Why is there a new schedule this year?

During the 2019-2020 school year, Jesuit was already undergoing a bell schedule review process, as is healthy practice for a school to do every 5-10 years. Like so many other things, this process was interrupted by the school’s shift to Distance Learning in spring of 2020. During the pandemic, we have had to shift and rethink our schedule numerous times.


Website & Email Communication FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about syncing the calendar and subscribe/unsubscribe

How do I sync the school calendar into a Google or Apple Calendar?

The preferred method for linking the school calendar to your personal calendar is to subscribe. Subscribing to the calendar allows you to refresh and see changes. You may also use the “iCal Feed” button but that will only download a snapshot of the calendar. The static “iCal Feed” download will not reflect updates that occur after your download.


Student Social Media Best Practices

These guidelines suggest best practices regarding the publication of commentary on social media by students.

For the purposes of these guidelines, social media means any facility for online publication and commentary, including but not limited to: websites, blogs, wikis, social networking sites such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.


Dress Code & Personal Appearance Policy
Includes examples and dress policies for standard, casual and dress attire

Jesuit High School believes that student appearance has an impact on attitude and behavior. It is the responsibility of parents to see that their student is properly dressed and groomed for school. Students are expected to adhere to the dress code throughout the school day and they are to be properly groomed at school-sponsored events. Violations will result in detention (JUG). Students found to be in flagrant or repeated violation may be denied entrance into class and/or sent home from school.


Digital Citizenship
Online presence requiring a partnership between students, parents, and school

The process of teaching young men about the importance of their online presence requires a strong partnership between students, parents, and Jesuit High School. As a representative of Jesuit High School, all students must be diligent in maintaining a positive online identity. We would like to take a moment to share some resources with you that have been shared with your son to help you in guiding him to maintain a positive online identity.  


7 Principles of Constructive Dialogue
Framework for respectful conversations for our community

Taken from the updated Faculty Handbook (Appendix E-7 Principles of Constructive Dialogue)

To guide our conversations, all members of our community will commit to following the 7 Principles of Constructive Dialogue. These Principles will provide the framework for respectful conversations so we may all learn and grow from each other’s insights and perspectives.

  1. Presume good intentions
    If someone says something you disagree with or which you don’t understand, assume that the person has good intent. Ask questions and seek first to clarify, not to disregard the comment. St. Ignatius of Loyola reminds us that we should be “more ready to put a good interpretation on another’s statement than to condemn it as false.”
  2. Use “I” statements
    Your experience is true for you, but it may not be universal. Speak about your experiences and things that are true for you. Use statements that begin with “I think that…,” “I feel….,” or “It seems to me….” Avoid statements that begin with “You know how you…..,” “We all believe….,” or “Everyone knows…..” 
  3. Understand that the speaker’s experience is valid for him/her
    Although an individual’s experience may be different than yours, that doesn’t make it any less