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Plank Article Matthew Marsh ’20

Taste of Success

Starting a business can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging tasks one can undertake. Students at Jesuit High School Sacramento looking to get a taste of what it takes to succeed in the business world should check out the Entrepreneurs Club.

Plank Article Nick Venegas ’22

La Raza in Los Angeles

Serving others

Last February, the Jesuit High School Sacramento La Raza Club took their annual trip to Los Angeles and embraced their Hispanic and Latino heritage by serving impoverished groups who share the same ethnic background. 

Plank Article Jaiveer Gahunia ’20

Drivers, drive-ins, and rides

Every morning and afternoon, hundreds of students and dozens of teachers and faculty flood in and out of Jesuit High School’s parking lots. For most, the lots are just a symbol of commuting drudgery, a dull back-and-forth between school and home. For others, the lots, as well as the commutes, hold their most prized possessions — their cars.

Plank Article James Fahey ’20
A poster from the movie "1917" seen through the eyes of Jason Reyna '20

Fahey’s Film Reviews: 1917

Update April 16, 2020: Right now you can stream the movie on Amazon for $5.99 or on Youtube for $3.99.

Trench warfare is a hellish nightmare, and Sam Mendes’ film “1917” captures that terror and anxiety with its harrowing long takes and immersive set design. Yet, where visuals and sound prevail, the story declines.

Plank Article James Fahey ’20
Blurred images of people with censor strips over their eyes standing and laying in lounge chairs  in a backyard.

Fahey’s Film Reviews: Parasite

Update April 16, 2020: Right now you can stream the movie on Amazon for $3.99 or for free if you have a Hulu subscription.

Everyone knows the famous saying “the grass is greener on the other side.” This proverb, however, is challenged by Korean director Bong Joon-ho in his film, “Parasite,” which pits the different classes of society together in his darkly comedic thriller.